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Coach Markus Marthaler

Coach Markus Marthaler

Former pro swimmer | Competed in European World Championships | Coached masters swim courses
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Meet Coach Markus

Markus Marthaler is a former pro swimmer with a career spanning 30+ years. He competed in national and international competitions, World Cups, European World Championships and the likes. 

He has coached children and teens as well as masters and adult swimming courses. Recently, Markus coached Noam Yoran to cross the five biggest lakes in Switzerland. He has extended the reach of his swim knowledge through the creation and dissemination of an online catalog of educational content. Markus is an avid age group triathlete and applies his swimming experience to long and short distance courses. 

What's Included

The formable CORE Analysis is a personalized review of your specific biomechanics. Your coach will assess your movements and provide feedback on your form.

This will include:
●  Film review by your elite coach 
●  30 minute video call with your coach to discuss findings
●  Suggested adjustments to maximize efficiency and reduce injury
●  Drills and exercises to implement into your training

The formable CORE+ builds off the baseline CORE Analysis with a subsequent follow-up session with your coach. Re-evaluate your form progression by booking an initial analysis + follow up session with your coach. 

This will include:
●  2 film reviews by your elite coach 
●  2 x 30 minute video calls with your coach
●  Suggested adjustments to maximize efficiency and reduce injury
●  Drills and exercises to implement into your training
●  Follow-up session (recommended 4-6 weeks after initial session) to assess improvements and proceed with next level adjustments

The formable CORE Pro is our most comprehensive offering. Engage with your elite coach in this progressive 3 month program, inclusive of 3 analysis sessions. The basics have been addressed, now focus on the advanced elements of your form to maximize efforts.

This will include:
●  3 filming sessions reviewed by your elite coach 
●  3 x 30 minute video calls with your coach
●  Suggested adjustments to basic elements of your form to maximize efficiency and reduce injury, progressing into more advanced/nuanced changes
●  Drills and exercises to implement throughout each stage of the program, as well as training recommendations

What to Expect

Proper form utilizes your strongest muscles most effectively. Developing proper technique through your prescribed training will develop and activate these power sources.

Developing stronger and better aligned muscle movements will produce more power when and where you need it.

More efficient movements require less energy. Your improved biomechanics will enable you to push your distance limits. 

Eliminating unbalanced movements and overloaded muscles will reduce your risk of injury and allow you to train longer and more consistently.  

Poor form can cause imbalances and overcorrections, often leading to pain and discomfort. Improving your form allows you to balance the work across your body and alleviate troubled/painful movements. 

We're here to support, educate and train alongside you so you can achieve your goals in sport. 

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