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What is formable™?

formable™ is committed to helping athletes achieve optimal performance, prevent injury and maintain longevity in the sport by providing easy access to expert form analyses.

Why is form important?

First and foremost, proper form reduces stress on your body and lowers your risk of injury. By honing a proper run or swim form, you will be more efficient on the road or in the water. Efficient athletes will conserve energy, move faster and cover greater distances with less effort. Additionally, proper distribution of force across muscle groups helps to prevent overuse injuries.

Who are the coaches and how were they selected?

The formable™ coaches were hand selected based on experience, longevity in the sport and success in their field. They are some of the best in the industry and have demonstrated extensive knowledge and the ability to coach/teach others in a clear and concise manner. Full bios are available on coach's page.  

What types of videos do I need to record for my form analysis?

You will need to record several videos on the treadmill or in the pool and send them to your coaches and formable™ at

Run analysis video recording instructions:

  • Filming should be done on a treadmill set at a 1% grade at a comfortable Z2 aerobic pace (a pace that can be sustained for several miles/kms)
  • Record two 30 second recordings: 1.) from the side 2.) from behind
  • Must be high resolution with good lighting
  • Camera needs to be in a fixed position, mounted or set on a stand (no shaky filming) 
  • Camera should be set at waist level, far enough away to capture the full body in the frame

Swim analysis video recording instructions:

  • Record three 30 second recordings: 1.) side view above water 2.) side view under water 3.) front view above water
  • Must be high resolution video with good lighting
  • Filming must be done in a pool
  • Camera should be set so the full swimmer’s body is visible and takes up the entire screen

Check out the Filming Guide for more info

How do I record video underwater?

Using a waterproof phone pouch (you can find these on Amazon for less than $10) or a GoPro. They are useful tools to have so you can record progress over time.

What can I expect from my form analysis?

Once your coach has analyzed the videos, you will review his/her findings on a 30 minute video call. The videos will be marked up by your coach and you will have the opportunity to discuss areas of weakness and ways to improve form.

Following the call, you will receive a full report of his/her findings, including points to improve upon and corrective measures (drills, strength work, training recommendations, etc.).

Pending your analysis package, a follow up session will be scheduled.

What is the timeline? How long before I receive my results?

Once you purchase your form analysis package you will be prompted to schedule your analysis review call with your selected coach. 

Next you’ll record your videos and submit them to formable™ at  formable™ will review the videos for quality and format and forward them to your coach for review. 

NOTE: All videos MUST be submitted 72 hours prior to the scheduled call to allow for ample review time.

Throughout the process, who should I speak with if I have any questions?

Prior to the video conference with your coach, please reach out to formable™ at with any questions or concerns. Once the analysis is complete, you may reach out to your coach directly to discuss results.

Who is parent company AgeGrouper Media Group?

AgeGrouper Media Group’s mission is to help athletes achieve success in their sport by providing relevant and accurate information (tailored to the amateur athlete) to soften barriers of entry into the sport.